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3 - Easy Steps, Approved in Seconds!

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Complete a short application that takes less than 2-minutes!
2. Verify

Allegro checks your information without affecting your credit score.
3. Collect

You've been approved and you will recieve your funds in less than 48 hours.
Together. We are committed.

Our advantage is our commitment to each of you!

We are creating a community of responsible borrowers, and are in business of building long-term relationships.

Your terms. No prepay penalties.

As an Allegro borrower, you choose your terms.

Pay everything within several months, or extend your payments to suit you needs.

No Fees! No Interest! No Problem!.

Allegro doesn’t penalize you for changing your mind.

Don’t need the cash? Great! Simply return your loan amount within 5 days and pay ZERO INTEREST.

             Checking your rate does not affect your FICO® Score.
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More Money, Less Interest

At Allegro offers better terms & larger loan amounts to our long term clients. We aim to build real relationships by providing services that help you navigate your financial activities.

Learn more about our approach.

Incentives & Rewards

Community is key. Allegro rewards responsible borrowers with incentives. Dependable community members get discounts on financial services, lower rates on loans and referral bonuses.

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Where and when we can help.

Auto Repair & Related Loans

We understand the critical role an automobile plays in our day-to-day lives. It gets us to work, our kids to school and allows us to run errands. Unexpected repair needs can cause major disruptions. Allow us to help, by providing timely cash to get you back on the road.

Home Repairs & Improvement

It has happened to all of us: something breaks down at our home and needs to be fixed right now. It always happens at the worst possible time! We are here for you. Apply for a loan and we will put you in a position to deal with this unexpected cost.

Medical Expenses

Medical treatment is expensive and for many it is the single largest expense. At Allegro we can provide a financial bandaid for when you need it most. Reach out to us for a convenient loan that allows you to get back on your feet.

Debt Consolidation

 Debt Consolidation
Over time you have made many decisions regarding your financial affairs and is it now next to impossible to get a clear picture. It is time to unclutter and make things simple again. At Allegro we want to be your one-stop solution and earn your trust so we can build a strong relationship.

Become Part of the Allegro Family.


Checking your rate does not affect your FICO® Score

"My advisor was great, honest and sympathetic. Thank you Allegro for helping me build my credit back”.

- Michelle Z.

"We can't understand
how we've been living without Allegro."

- Redmond K.

"Thanks guys,
keep up the good work!"

- Helyn K.

“Allegro is the real deal!
Thank you so much for your help.
Thanks for the great service.”

- Malinda T.